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MOOC: „Technology Enhanced Learning“ startet September 2014

Als kleiner Ausblick: Im September 2014 soll ein von der University of Leicester veranstalteter MOOC starten. Die Beschreibung klingt interessant:

Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is a vibrant and maturing field of innovation and anyone with a stake in education should develop an awareness and understanding of these new technologies. They can provide innovative approaches that enhance learner experience, and benefit teachers and institutions.

Course structure

The TEL MOOC makes use of highly participative online learning activities, including hands-on and collaborative work. The design of the online components would include the use of Open Educational Resources, pathways between them and highly participative e-tivities. Learning activities will help you focus on specific issues and articulate informed and evidence-based views and results. The output of each learning activity provides a means for your reflective process.

Background required

The Technology-Enhanced Learning MOOC is suitable for a range of professionals at all levels of education or training, including primary and secondary schools, further education colleges, universities, community and adult education, corporate, public and not-for-profit organisations.