A Global Online Course Gets Locally Grounded

Wie man einen MOOC verwenden kann, um damit die lokale Lehre zu bereichern wird in diesem Beitrag im Online-Magazin INSIDE Higher Ed anschaulich beschrieben. Einige Aspekte erinnern an die Pilotprojekte der VPH Open Air#1 & #2 und die folgende Implementierung in das Programm der VPH.

„In addition to the MOOC, which students took independently, the students had to participate in two compulsory classroom-meetings organized at Giessen University in the final stage of the online course to discuss selected content. After finishing the course, they were asked to submit a feedback on their individual learning experience. Minutes of the classroom discussions and the statements collected by the online survey eventually allowed for a detailed assessment of the learning outcome and of students’ perceptions of the quality, practicability and educational impact of the course – including the potential value of additional classroom teaching.

The results were overwhelming: Both the particular content and the characteristic bio-social perspective of the course, with its strong commitment to medical anthropology, history and social sciences, and the combination of high quality online content with seminars at the home university, were evaluated extremely positive.“


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