Webinar: Die Zukunft der MOOCs

Etwas kurzfristig der Hinweis auf ein Webinar über die Zukunft von MOOCs am 10. Februar um 19 Uhr CET (10 Uhr PST). Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

If 2012 was „the Year of the MOOC“ -what does that make 2015? In this webinar we’ll discuss sustainability of the movement, emerging trends in student learning, the potential of MOOCs for development, and how companies are beginning to connect. Bringing together top experts from the recently published volume, Massive Open Online Courses: The MOOC Revolution, this will be an open conversation with those on the front lines. Are MOOCs a flash in the pan or a form of learning here to stay?

Panelists include:

David Frye, Associate Director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
Jeff Haywood, Vice Principal Knowledge Management, CIO, University of Edinburgh
Victor Hu, Global Head of Education Technology & Services Investment Banking, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Shannon Hughes, Senior Director of Marketing, Udemy
Amin Saberi, CEO & Co-founder, NovoEd


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